Film scoring:


Wayfaring Stranger. Feature Film Produced by Matt Webb and Lance Clark

Eleanor’s Bench 6 TV episodes Produced by Stephan Schultze for PureFlix

Unlikely Angel. Feature Film Produced by Durellell Nelson for Pure Flux

Selfie Dad Feature film produced by Paul Long Kappa Studios. PureFlix

Fragile Heart Feature Film produced by Steven Lowe Prime Video

Big Life Feature film produced by Brian Hoffman

Miracle in the Valley Feature film Produced by Don Schroeder

Shattered  Feature Film produced by Marie Pizano, Nicholas Celozzi,Tom Malloy

Putin Feature Documentary Directed by John Sullivan

Rockabilly Baby(Feature) Timber Creek Productions

Faith Happens(Feature) Side By Side Productions

The Mighty Kong(Anim. musical feature) LANA Film Co./Warner Bros.

No Greater Love (Documentary,Emmy Winner) Banyon Filmes/PBS

A Journey of Hope (Documentary) Banyon / PBS

Grizzly Adams Mark Of The Bear (Feature) Smoke Productions

The Fragrant Spirit of Life Produced by Gerard Straub

Silenzio Produced by Gerard Straub

The Patients of a Saint Produced by Gerard Straub

We Anoint their Wounds Produced by Gerard Straub

The Smile of a Sick Child Produced by Gerard Straub

One Ringy Dingy (W/ Lily Tomlin) Mentor Media Productions

What Customers Want (W/ L. Tomlin) Mentor Media Productions

The Seven Deadly Sins (L.Tomlin) Mentor Media Productions

Interviewing (W/Jerry Mathers) Mentor Media Productions

Even Eagles Need A Push (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

The Enemy Is Us; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

Future Perfect; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

Resilience; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

Go For The Globe; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

Managing Change; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

On The Phone; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

The Eagle’s Secret; (Motivational) Mentor Media Productions

Picking Peaches; (Industrial) Mentor Media Productions

A Light In The Darkness; (Documentry) Banyon Films / PBS

Snow Geese; (Nature Documentry) Banyon Films / PBS

The Mighty Big Foot; (Animated Feature) Al Guest Productions

Space Warriors;(Animated Feature) Hemdale Communications

The Secret Of The Seal; (Animated Feature) Just For Kids Home Video

Treasure Island; (Animated feature) INI Productions Inc.

Brer Rabbit’s Christmas; (Anim. Ftr.) INI Productions Inc.

On The Edge; (Dramatic feature) Side By Side Productions

Kids Make Films Too; (Kids educational) Disney Educational

Goofy’s Hygene Game; (Kids educational) Disney Educational

Westours Is Alaska; (Industrial film) Corporate Productions

Westours Is Alaska II; (Industrial) Corporate Productions

Ocean Liner Holidays; (Industrial) Corporate Productions

The Canadian Rockies; (Industrial) Corporate Productions

IBM And The Olympics; (Industrial) CCR Video

Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays; (Industrial) Mike Mathis

Dedication To Gold; (Industrial) Union Carbide

Hoomania; (Animated feature) Side By Side Productions

Toyota Champions; (Industrial) Gears And Company

Israel O Blessed Israel;(Ducumentary) Bennett Productions


Hallmark Christmas Preview Show   Hallmark Channel
Produced by Kristi Foley and Tim Swift

Phenomenon; Liberty Entertainment Int’l

Religions of the World; 13 one-hour series.
Theme and all scoring.
13 one-hour series Theme and all scoring Liberty Entertainment Int’l

The Achievers; Liberty Entertainment Int’l
13 half -hour series. Theme and all scoring

The Golden Age of Rock-n-Roll; Liberty Entertainment International
10 half -hour rocumentries. Theme

Little Women; Nippon Animation
Half hour weekly animated show.Theme and all scoring

The Timberwood Tales; L.A. Animation
Weekly half hour cartoon. All scoring

Pat Boone U.S.A.; Boone Productions
Sixty-five 1 hour musical variety shows. Musical director, pianist, arranger

An Old Fashioned Christmas; Boone Productions
One hour musical variety special for CBN. Musical director, arranger

A California Christmas; Boone Productions
One hour musical variety special for PBS. M.D., arranger, theme

The Challenge Of Flight; Liberty Entertainment International
20 One hour Series Theme and all Scoring

Scope; Liberty Entertainment International
65 half hours. Theme and all scoring

Magic and Beyond; Liberty Entertainment International
26 one-hour series. Theme and all scoring

Cinema Legends; Liberty International
13 half hours. Theme and scoring

Vancouver Live; CKVU 13 Vancouver

Gospel Gold; CBN

Mind Quest ; LANA Film Co.

Travel Buff; AVPC

Liberty International; Liberty International Entertainment Logo

Advertising Compositions:

Rainbird Sprinklers, Comfort Center Sleep Shops,

Bertone Sport Cars, Seychelle Water

Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays, Girls & Boys Town P.S.A.

Lexus, Mercedes

Advertising Performance / Arranging:

Miller’s Outpost, Abba Zabba General Electric

Hunt Wesson, American Volunteerism Funtastic Factory

Mag Bright, Protector Auto Products Dunkin Doughnuts

CD Interactive Compositions and Educational:

X-ray; GTE Interactive

Monster Lab; GTE Interactive

Night Light; GTE Interactive

Bugs; GTE Interactive

Vitsie Video Sitter” (3 videos, 15 songs) ;

Da Vinci’s Apprentice Cyber Island Studios

Ben Franklin Cyber Island Studios

What’s Math Got to do With it McGraw Hill (Tele Award Winner)

Viva El Mundo Hispana McGraw Hill

Album Production:

Pat Boone In a Metal Mood (Creator, Associate Producer)

Pat Boone The American Way

Pat Boone Pat Boone’s Favorite Bible Stories for Children

Pat Boone In a Symphonic Mood

Ken Gullikson Charity

Dave Schmidt All That I Need

Dave Schmidt Precious Child

Dave and Barb Anderson 10 albums various titles

Various artists On the Edge; sound track album

Various artists Morningstar; musical

Yvonne Williams Jazz Chronicles

Ryan DeHues My Dream Come True

Deborah Newton God of My Father

Ray Reynolds Everyday

Name Act Credits:

Little Anthony, Scatman Crothers, Marilyn McCoo,

Pete Barbuti, Taylor Dane, Dudley Moore,

Debby Boone, James Darren, Dianne Shurrer,

Pat Boone Billie Davis Jr., Rick Springfield,

Dee Dee Bridgewater, John Fogherty, Toni Tennille,

Glen Campbell, Connie Francis, B.J. Thomas,

Nel Carter, Lee Greenwood, Dick Van Dyke

Ray Charles, Linda Hopkins, Bobby Vinton,

Perry Como, Carol Lawrwnce, Joe Williams,

Rita Coolidge, Rich Little, Roger Williams,

Mickey Rooney Deniece Williams,

Television Performance:

Tonight Show

Bob Hope Special Hotel

Good Morning America Dynasty Midnight Special

Mike Douglas Love Boat Mike Hammer

Merv Griffin

Pat Sajak

Easter Seals Telethon


ITVA Golden Angel Award Original Music for Go For The Globe

Tele Award Original Music for Seychelle Water TV Commercial


Bachelor of Arts Degree in music from Cal State University, Fullerton.

Private arranging and film scoring with Dick Grove and Earl Hagen.

Copyright D.J.S. Music Productions ©2009

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